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Experience the world wallet-free.

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The way payments should be

No cards or phones, just you in the store. Key features:



Uniqul replaces traditional cards, wallets and phones with a payment experience that is almost magical. Users can pay at any Uniqul terminal just by walking up to it, selecting a card, and pressing OK.



Today, on average, it takes nearly half a minute to pay. We make payment experience nearly 30 times faster! Expect to be on your way as soon as the last item is scanned.



Security is the first thing we thought of. Our unique combination of face recognition and optional PIN’s allows us to create a 100% secure payment environment.

What is Uniqul?

Pay by simply being in the store

A hassle-free payment experience

The process of checkout is simple. You walk through the checkout, and your cloud wallet is shown on a tablet screen. You press ok, and that’s it. Behind the scenes, face recognition is performed while you are approaching the checkout point, and the only thing that the system needs is the user’s confirmation. This is how we envision convenience.

We decided not just to enable people to walk without wallets – but to travel wallet free. The new cloud technologies, which Uniqul is built upon, enable your wallet to be anywhere you need in an instance of a second. Pay by simply being in the store. Anywhere.

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How to get Uniqul?

Want to try it out in person or install one in your store

How to sign up?

Visit a place where they already got Uniqul installed. Come in front of the camera, and press Sign Up.

A glance in the camera, and your Uniqul account is ready to use!Right there you can load balance the way that suits you best: be it banking card or cash. And then – wherever you go - your wallet is already waiting!

Cashier will give you a SignUp card. Get online, and set up your existing bank account to load your Uniqul account automatically.

Want to have Uniqul in your store?

Increased customer shopping experience, reduced transaction times and shorter queues. We built Uniqul with connectivity and performance in mind. It is easy to integrate and get to work with your existing POS system.

Simplest Uniqul is just a HD-camera and a pair of tablets. Select configuration that suites your store! Get yours today. Visit Uniqul’s Web store*.

* Currently available only in Finland.


Frequently asked questions about Uniqul

How does Uniqul work?

You first have to make an account providing basic information about you and your preferred payment method. After this you will be able to pay within the subscription area of your choice. Shopping will be the same up to the point of payment – where you only click “OK” on our tablet to confirm the purchase.

Where can I register, can I do it online?

You can currently only register at Uniqul Points, located in the first places where Uniqul is used. They consist of a tablet and a camera. The System automatically takes your base recognition photo during the registration and then you select a subscription area. After that, you are good to go.

Will you share biometric info with third parties or government officials?


Uniqul & privacy

We keep it simple: non-Uniqul users don’t leave a trace; registered users are not tracked; and the users who are for some reason leaving the service are erased from our database completely. No private information about our users is disclosed to third parties. Read more about our privacy policy.

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Uniqul Oy / Betonimiehenkuja 3 D, 02150, Espoo, Finland