Experience unprecedented speed
Save up to 70% payment time

Recognize your customers

Customer's wallet opens up once Uniqul sees them. Automatic ID check.


Installing Uniqul reduces queues. More throughoutput with your existing layout. This not only improves the shopping experience but might lead to increased sales as you store will be known for its convenience.


We built Uniqul with connectivity and convenience in mind. This is true for both merchants and users. Uniqul can be fully integrated into your POS. We want your cashiers to service the user - instead of using valuable time in figuring out new layouts.


Face recognition allows a high level of security & accuracy whilst providing better protection than any existing payment method. Anti-spoofing, recognition, snapshots etc. are all completely automated and we are constanly adding new security features.

What is Uniqul for business?

Decreased hassle, increased profits

Our promise on efficiency

We want you to be as happy as your customers when they are shopping with Uniqul. You might be content with their enhanced shopping experience, but we want to make sure that installing a Uniqul system is a net positive in all aspects – also in direct revenue.

Our quantifiable benefit is reducing the payment time to approximately 2 seconds. Calculated against the average time of payment (27.6 seconds) this means a saving of ca. 0,11€ per customer.

We promise that you will see positive ROI on your subscription price on the systems’ first year of operation or your subscription price will be reduced to match your savings.

You can also always cancel your subscription at any point in time.

How to get Uniqul for business?

Order yours from the Web Store.

Get in touch with us to get your own Uniqul

Order Uniqul through our web store.* Schedule the delivery and installation date.

Please feel free to get in touch if you happen to have open questions that you didn't get an answer to or just to give feedback - we'll take it all!

* Uniqul is currently available in the following countries: Finland.

Contacted by an agent?

We have the same price regardless of how you found us.


Frequently asked questions about Uniqul

How does Uniqul work?

You first have to make an account providing basic information about you and your preferred payment method. After this you will be able to pay within the subscription area of your choice. Shopping will be the same up to the point of payment – where you only click “OK” on our tablet to confirm the purchase.

Where can I register, can I do it online?

You can currently only register at Uniqul Points, located in the first places where Uniqul is used. They consist of a tablet and a camera. The System automatically takes your base recognition photo during the registration and then you select a subscription area. After that, you are good to go.

Will you share biometric info with third parties or government officials?


Uniqul & privacy

We keep it simple: non-Uniqul users don’t leave a trace; registered users are not tracked; and the users who are for some reason leaving the service are erased from our database completely. No private information about our users is disclosed to third parties. Read more about our Privacy policy.

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