How does Uniqul work?

You first have to make an account providing basic information about you and your preferred payment method. After this you will be able to pay within the subscription area of your choice. Shopping will be the same up to the point of payment – where you only click “OK” on our tablet to confirm the purchase.

Where can I register, can I do it online?

You can currently only register at Uniqul Points, located in the first places where Uniqul is used. They consist of a tablet and a camera. The System automatically takes your base recognition photo during the registration and then you select a subscription area. After that, you are good to go.


Our system utilizes optional PIN’s for increased security and peace of mind. If you forget what is your PIN, contact us directly.

You can be prompted to input you PIN on occasions where your appearances have changed significantly from the last time you used the system or if it is one of the first times that you use the system.


Has anyone tried using Uniqul’s system with a mask of someone else’s face? What about plastic surgery?

We have security measures in place that can identify fraudulent behavior – including detection of 3D printed masks or models, pictures or videos.

Uniqul is recognizing people based on mathematical models of their faces. It is impossible to make a surgery that will result in exactly the same model.

Is there a training video?

There is no tutorial – using the device is as easy as it sounds. You walk up to the cashier and your payment info will be shown on the tablet screen. You approve the transaction by clicking “OK”.

What about Twins?

If you have a twin, enable Twin Mode. You can enable Twin Mode when you are registering. With Twin Mode, Uniqul will be able to distinguish you from your identical twin brother or sister.

How does Uniqul work? (detailed)

To use Uniqul, you would need first to register. To register, just come to the store where there is Uniqul installed, and then press “Sign Up” on Uniqul’s tablet screen. After that, you will be prompted to look at the camera, and select your subscription fee. We are offering subscriptions depending on the area, where you would get recognized. For example if you select World subscription, you will be recognized anywhere in the world, while if you select City subscription, Uniqul will only recognize you throughout the city.

After you select the subscription, press next, and the registration will be complete. Cashier will give you a Sign Up card, which contains your pin-code, and username/password for online login. Use your pin-code whenever prompted by Uniqul. We require users to input pin-code at least once, when they are shopping in new place.

Uniqul is a pre-payment network. It works very simple: you fill up your balance, and then can spend this money paying by face. You can see your balance in real time, every time you pay.

To load the balance, just select “Load balance”, and select the amount that you want to load. Then pay that amount to the store, and your balance is filled. You can pay either by cash or banking card.

Additionally, you can configure your bank account to automatically refill your Uniqul account. To enable this, press “Login” on the top of web site. Input your details, and then there is a user manual in the bottom right corner. Consult the manual.

What about if you’re in a shop with other people and it recognizes the person’s face behind you? You could sneakily click ‘OK’ and have them pay for your stuff.

Uniqul has an advanced queue functionality that is able to ensure that only the person standing directly in front of the tablet has access to the terminal. This includes safe distances and requirements to enter PIN whenever necessary. In addition to this we also have the cashier who can monitor the process.

What happens if I grow a beard?

The algorithm works by comparing key features of the face and utilizes machine learning to learn your new appearance every time you pay. A full grown beard might trigger a PIN request, but it doesn’t stop you from paying.

Why do I have to pay to use Uniqul?

Our engineers have done a great job in making face recognition payments affordable to everyone. The fees cover our computational expenses and ensures our ability to look out for You.

What info do I need for the registration?

We do not require any personal information from our users. Take your card or cash when you are coming to register.

What payment methods are available through Uniqul?

We accept major banking cards, cash and bank transfers.

Can I access my Uniqul transaction history?

Yes. Uniqul stores information about transactions so that you can review what transactions were made from your account. This information is available only for the user.

How much does it cost to be a Uniqul user?

We have 4 subscription levels, depending on the area where you will be recognized. It works very simple: if you select World subscription, you will be recognized anywhere in the world, while if you select City subscription, you will be recognized in you city. Subscription is charged monthly, from your Uniqul account.

Available subscription levels:

Town       Free  – shop in your Town/City center (2 km radius);

City         1.99 euro –  let your city recognize you;

Metro    2.99 euro –  city & suburbs;

World      6.99 euro –  Uniqul anywhere in the world.


When will you launch in my town?

Our goal is to be everywhere but you can try to prioritize our launch in your city by subscribing to the email form and choosing a location.

How accurate is Uniqul?

Our engineering team has reached an accuracy of 97.8% for first time recognition. This allows us to recognize most of our customers without requiring them to input PIN’s. We bridge the small gap by utilizing PIN’s for 10% of our users.

Our machine learning algorithm learns your appearances as you use Uniqul, ensuring easy use in the future.

Will you share biometric info with third parties or government officials?


How do changes in expression, such as smiling, frowning or blinking affect recognition?

We recommend having a neutral facial expression for faster and smoother recognition.  Generally, Uniqul will be able to recognize you even with changes in facial expressions and in several poses.

Does contact lenses affect recognition?

No, our system does not identify the iris.

The system did not recognize me – what should I do?

We recommend that you look into the camera for a short moment if you are not getting recognized within a second. Moving slightly towards the camera will also make recognition faster.

If none of the above help it might be a technical issue: please sign up for a new account, and contact us at We will then update your biometric profile, so that you can use the service without further problems.

I am not a Uniqul user – will I get recognized or tracked?

No. The template token will be discarded immediately if there is no match in our database. We do not track users or non-users.

Will poor lighting conditions affect recognition accuracy and speed?

We have built the system to be robust in any indoor lighting condition, though light does have a significant effect. The calibration of the system happens at installment where we match the lighting conditions at the location.

Will Uniqul work for children?

In order to register a Uniqul account the user has to own a bank account and debit/credit card so we target customers who are above 15 years old.

Can I fool the system with a picture or a 3D model?

Our camera will detect dynamic images of a face in many dimensions. Pictures, videos and 3D models will not get you through the transaction. Trying to pay using a 3D model or any other mock-up of a face of a registered Uniqul user is an act of identity theft and will immediately be reported to law enforcement.

Can I try out Uniqul for free?

Yes, there is a free tier available.

How fast is it?

Typical recognition takes approximately 2 seconds. The speed may depend on the internet connection available at that merchant location. Uniqul will be able to recognize you as cashier is scanning the bar codes so in reality you will never have to wait for recognition. The transaction itself is done with a single click which means that payment takes about one second.

I want to do business with Uniqul. Who should I contact?

Please drop us an e-mail at and we will answer you shortly.