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The word “Uniqul” comes from Latin word Unicus, which means “the only of its kind”.  In our team, we have developed appreciation of the true value of uniqueness. Unique means valuable, indispensable.  It is unique knowledge and memories, character and skills which makes person valuable to those around us.

Uniqueness also means beauty.  Beauty of complexity. In the modern world of ruthless optimization, and mass production everyone sacrifices one thing – uniqueness. Be it uniqueness of experience or uniqueness of attitude, it tends to become a standard output.  Even traveling doesn’t get you away from similar routines – in the globalized world you get the same things no matter where you go.

We see a different way. We believe that you can combine the highest class of service quality, with unique attitude to customer.  Here, at Uniqul, we believe that our main task is delivering unique experience to you.   While the world tries to put you in a frame, to standardize you, we work hard to amplify your nature, to teach the world around you to appreciate your uniqueness.

Yes, our mission is to teach the world to appreciate your true uniqueness, both the perfection and imperfection, all things, which make you being you.  Our goal is to build a relationship, a relationship that’s going to last. This relationship goes both ways, it is about us being your most devoted servant, and it is also about you, appreciating the work that we do here at Uniqul, both in good times, and in times of uncertainty. Over the years, we can build a level of trust between a person and a company that has never been reached before.  And this is our dream. 


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 Betonimiehenkuja 3, Startup Sauna

 02150 Espoo, Finland




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