New headquarters opened in the Netherlands

Press Release. Free for publication March 4th 2019, at 11:00

Uniqul have been doing a number of projects in the Belenux and UK markets since 2015, in the area of Facial recognition payments, and Access control.

To further explore this opportunity, we have decided to move our Headqurters to Limburg, Netherlands to strengthen our market reach and get access to more customers through better integration with Dutch and Belgian Startup Ecosystems.

The company has been participating in Brightlands Innovation Factory program in Winter 2019, to get hands on experience with the market and obtain a network of advisors who would help us reach higher growth.

“According to our experience, the Benelux market and nearby markets of France, Germany and UK are offering the best opportunities for facial recognition technology in Europe. Compared to the Nordics, Benelux is offering a much better economics for facial recognition technology, due to higher levels of population density and flourishing tourism industry. We also have noticed the more urgent problems that market faces, such as the ones related to security and identity theft which make face recognition technology much more demanded in the region” – Mr. Pisarenko, CEO of the company says.

“We indeed are seeing more demand for our services in the Netherlands and nearby markets, and it certainly makes sense to double our sales efforts in this region” – adds Mr. Maksimoff, Co-founder and VP-sales of the company.

The company has been incorporated as Uniqul Technologies BV (Besloten Vennootschap), and has been registered with KVK(Kamer van Koophandel). Company KVK-number is  74256165.

About Uniqul

Uniqul is a Face recognition technology company. Originally established in Helsinki, Finland by a team of founders to develop a proprietary Facial recognition technology and open up a new market niche of Face recognition payments.

Through its years of operation, the company has performed nearly 20 projects involving Facial recognition and Tracking technology, and has been working with companies of different size, ranging from small cafes to large Fortune 500 companies.

Our unique expertise is in the High-tech area of Facial recognition, and we offer highly customized and innovative solutions to our customers across the world.

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