Revolution is coming

Press release. Free to publication 31.01.2013

Uniqul is in the process of company establishment. Our mission is to revolutionize the world of payments, introducing new paradigms which would allow to turn the payment process into one of the most amazing experiences we go through daily.
We believe that Uniqul is the next big thing. This faith comes from deep understanding of one simple thing: the world needs something amazing, that’s what drives people to exhibitions, product launches and meetings – but more often than not, all we get is just the same old things. There is a thirst for new.
From the first day, we decided to stay apart, to take the harder road of changing the world in accordance to our vision. And in our vision, the future is beautiful. In our vision, the future is the place where modern technologies vanish, and are replaced by new generations of completely different things. And we are building the first, core element, of this future right now.

Company information

UNIQUL is the provider of the world’s fastest payment system and related loyalty solutions.  Headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, we utilize a wide network of partners and associates to offer our services to various locations around the world.  Uniqul’s solutions are targeted at small to medium size retailers, hotels and restaurants. Our solutions are particularly targeted at businesses which provide premium level services to their customers and who are looking for technological solutions to increase customer return rate and to establish informational channel with the customer in order to communicate additional services and propositions.

The main goal of Uniqul is to provide its customers with services that are truly unique, through introduction of completely new and in-house developed technologies, which are not yet present on the market.
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