Uniqul is now incorporated

Press release. Free to publication 21.03.2013.

UNIQUL Oy was incorporated in Helsinki on 7.03.2013.

On the same day the company was assigned its business ID: 2537169-2.

During the first shareholders meeting the first board of directors, consisting of Ruslan Pisarenko, Marko Maksimoff and Aarne Pyulze, was elected. The board of directors has elected Ruslan Pisarenko as CEO of Uniqul Oy. Mr Pisarenko states: “The fact of Unqul Incorporation is the first step towards establishment of reputable and highly successful enterprise here in Helsinki, Finland. A lot of work has been done prior to this moment. But a lot more needs to be done in the future in order to bring a truly unique product for customers worldwide.”

Currently Uniqul’s team, consisting, at the moment of writing, of 8 employees from 4 different countries, is working hard to develop product prototypes and is preparing for the first financial round.
Company information

UNIQUL is the provider of the world’s fastest payment system and related loyalty solutions. Headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, we utilize a wide network of partners and associates to offer our services to various locations around the world.  Uniqul’s solutions are targeted at small to medium size retailers, hotels and restaurants. Our solutions are particularly targeted at businesses which provide premium level services to their customers and who are looking for technological solutions to increase customer return rate and to establish informational channel with the customer in order to communicate additional services and propositions.

The main goal of Uniqul is to provide its customers with services that are truly unique, through introduction of completely new and in-house developed technologies, which are not yet present on the market.

For more information please contact info@uniqul.com

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