Uniqul is participating in Startupbootcamp Accelerator

Press Release. Free for publication January 15th 2020, at 11:00

Uniqul has been selected to participate in prestigious Startupbootcamp Fintech and Cybersecurity program during winter 2020 in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

“Startupbootcamp is one of the leading accelerators in Europe, with great portfolio of successful technology companies coming through accelerator and getting valuable mentorship and partner network. This year the Startupbootcamp has decided to take a bold move forward by launching the first Publicly listed Accelerator company, Startupbootcamp Fintech 1921 BV. It is currently listed on NXChange stock exchange in Amsterdam. We are delighted to be part of this program and of the Startupbootcamp ecosystem” – say Mr. Pisarenko, Directeur of Uniqul Technologies BV.

About Uniqul

Uniqul is a Dutch-Finnish Face recognition technology company. The company has been originally established by a team of founders to develop a proprietary Facial recognition technology and open up a new market niche of Face recognition payments.

Through its years of operation, the company has performed nearly 20 projects involving Facial recognition and Tracking technology, and has been working with companies of different size, ranging from small cafes to large Fortune 500 companies.

Our unique expertise is in the High-tech area of Facial recognition, and we offer highly customized and innovative solutions to our customers across the world.

Want to know more? Get in touch at  info@uniqul.com

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