What is Uniqul?

Text from original web site, published 15.07.2013

There hasn’t been a procedure more boring and unimaginative then payment process. When one thinks, payment, he would probably imagine a long queue at the checkout, some guy taking out cards from his huge wallet, first the loyalty cards, then the bank cards and then a resit is printed so he has something to put to his wallet back. It is in those moments, when a breath of fresh air is needed. What could this be?
One day, I was standing like that, looking at the checkout, and thought – hm, would’t it be cool, if I could just walk through a checkout, push ok, and that’s it? Imagine how little space would be needed then to accomodate the queues – as there wouldn’t be any. Imagine how much time would be saved worldwide, if people stopped staning at checkout for so long!
Here at Uniqul, we are building a machine that does just that – instant checkout. Your barcodes are scanned as usual, but the payments, that’s what’s different. Instead of requiring users to bring cards of special format and shape, we install cameras. And it’s the cameras that do the magic. You see, everyone of us is absolutely unique. There is not a single person in the world which looks exactly like you. Ideantical twins? Oh, they are indeed different. In fact the visual identity of a person is such a powerful identifier, that even the millitary and government are using it, supported by state of the art algorithms to grant access to information of highest value.
Security is the first think we though of. What would it take to make the recognition procedure secure? And the answer is obvious – time. When you have time to do the recognition, you can make it extremely secure. The cards can be lost or stollen, passwords can be looked up or forgotten, but you can not forge an identity which is not discoverable over time. And when we understood that, it became complete clear: the time is the most important factor, to make it secure and to make it fast.

Second thing is convenience. Imagine having your wallet not in a pocket, but somewhere else, like at home. And still, you can use it anywhere you go. Wouldn’t this be something of convenience? We decided not just to enable people walk without wallets – but to travel wallet free. The new cloud technologies, that Uniqul is built upon, enable your wallet to be anywhere you need in an instance of a second. And that’s what we call conveniece.

So, from the customer’s point of view, the process of checkout is simple. You just walk through checkout, and your cloud wallet is shown on the screen, you press ok, and that’s it. Behind the scenes, facial identification is performed while you are coming to the checkout point, all data is obtained from the cloud, and the only thing that system needs is customer’s confirmation.

And the system is designed to be easily embeddable in any retail environment. Simplest Uniqul is just a HD-camera, hub and a tablet. We call this configuration Terminal, and it is the easiest way to try it out. You can even plug it into exisitng POS software*, and it works same way as card terminal does. Well, existing POS software was most likely designed in times before Uniqul was possible, so in order benefit from this technology even more, we have designed a Uniqul-specific POS. Adding a secondĀ  tablet is all it takes to turn the process of trade into pure art with discounts, bonuses and loyalty programs inbuilt. Think about this, as a new level of trust between you and your customers: you take care of them by making the checkout process easier, and in return they are loyal and bring their friends just to show how Uniqul works!
Ovearall, the most crucial part of this whole system is the speed itself. Depending on configuration, Uniqul reduces time spent on transation from 30 seconds to just 5 seconds or to 0 seconds. This time spent per customer easily adds up to hours per day and days per month of work saved. And how could you and your cashiers use this time? I think you know that already.
The core thing about our distribution strategy is to serve the ones who need it first. So, to make it available in a place near you, right us a message, tell what your store is selling, and why would you benefit from being the first Uniqul-enabled place around?

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