A Dutch limited liability company Uniqul Technologies BV is a Software Development company, with focus on Innovation.

Our focus is software based on scalable Web Applications and Web Services with custom APIs for a wide range of customers, primarily for ICT sector. It means simple and basic tools for your business. Our experts have both consulting and software development experience to design a service for handling particular customer use-case. We also have experience working in the framework of R&D projects, which involves planning and innovative thinking. We are focusing on small and medium sized businesses working in the areas of Information Technology, who often provide services to large corporations, which means reliable contractor services, joint planning and communication.

Our function is, in part, providing customers with a proper framework to position their current assets and holdings. With Web-Application and Web-Service technology we can also significantly boost the productivity of your employees handling various tedious tasks, be it customer on-boarding or social media marketing. We can design a software component or module for your existing system which would make those tasks easier for your employees.

Leveraging on years of experience working with Retail, Oil and Gas, Banking, Insurance and Consulting industry, our team provides great Web service expertise and API solutions and relevant consulting services.

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Utrechtseweg 341, 3818 EL
The Netherlands

Custom API development

Need an API built according to your specifications? Contact us and let's discuss further.