Unique Learning Technologies (BV)

A Dutch limited liability company Uniqul Technologies BV is a software development company, with focus on Facial Recognition and Artificial intelligence technology.

Our focus is software with the use of Aritificial Intelligence for a wide range of customers, primarily those who have experince working in security sector. It means simple and basic tools for your business, and learning to trade. Our core belief is that trade, which is a voluntary exchange of goods and services is a viable skill which many people have difficulty developing. By using simple Artificial Intelligence technologies, we aim to provide the consulting services to teach individuals with security background to conduct IPR asset trading. We are focusing on small and medium sized businesses working in the areas of Information Technology.

Our function is, in part, providing customers with a proper framework to position their current assets and holdings. Security background customers are often entiled with various assets such as lethal or non-lethal weapons, which they do not properly use, or are prohibited to use by instruction. This attitude and mental models are often transferred to conduct of business, both in short term and long term interest planning. With Artificial Intelligence technology we can widen their scope on the action-return estimates.

For example, a common scene in the security backgound is "a Wise general may know how to win, without being able to do it" type of situation. Which is about properly estimating future situations which may occure in the battlefield or in the area of control. With AI, it becomes possible to conduct less dependent decisions, i.e. view own perspective as crucial, creating conditions for a proper business conduct. It's a path to being truly strong.

To facilitate wide adoption of this technology, we provide flexible white-lable Face Recognition and Deep Learning based technology solutions. Leveraging on years of experience working with Banking industry, our team provides best in class face recognition technology and relevant consulting services.

Contact us: info@uniqul.com


Utrechtseweg 341, 3818 EL
Amersfoort, The Netherlands

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