About Uniqul Technologies BV.

A Dutch limited liability company Uniqul Technologies BV has a mission to provide Face Recognition and other Artificial Intelligence technology making it more affordable and easy to integrate.

Our focus is software with the use of Aritificail Intelligence for a wide range of customers. It means simple and basic tools for your business. We focusing on small and medium sized businesses working in the areas of Information Technology.

The core idea behind AI API is to provide a Face recognition API which can be integrated in any product within a few hours. Our vision is to simplify the integeration procedure by minimizing the amount of code that developers need to write in order to add Facial Recognition and Liveness Test to existing software or to rapidly build an MVP. To facilitate wide adoption of this technology, we provide flexible white-lable Face Recognition and Deep Learning based technology solutions. Leveraging on years of experience working with Banking industry, our team provides best in class face recognition technology and relevant consulting services.

Contact us: info@uniqul.com


Utrechtseweg 341, 3818 EL
Amersfoort, The Netherlands

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