FaceFalcon™ Biometric Document verification process

  • Scan Passport
  • Read NFC 
  • Cryptographic checks
  • Ready

Did you know what nearly 92% of all smartphones globally already have NFC?

NFC reading is the fastest growing standard in the mobile. The vast majority of Android and iOS devices have NFC-reading function, which enables them to act as a secure Biometric Passport or ID reading devices.

All your most valuable customers already have an NFC device and Biometric passport. Make a move to meet their demands with FaceFalcon™ IDV.

Learn how NFC can improve on-boarding process.

  • Cryptographic Checks


    Biometric Passport or ID-document provides higher degree of security through implementing an NFC-chip. This chip, typically compliant with ISO/IEC 14443 standard, holds the customer biometric data in digital and encrypted format. FaceFalcon™ IDV has a special module to check the cryptographic validity of the chip using Public Key Infrastructure (PKI).  

  • Fast Scan on Mobile

    NFC-scanning makes users feel that with Your solution, they are stepping into a new digital age. NFC-scan takes only about  5 seconds, and feels both easy to do and secure. Here at Uniqul, we have focused on quality and reliability of NFC scan. 

  • High-Definition Photograph

    Scanning an NFC-enabled biometric ID document allows to retrieve a high resolution of the user's photograph. This can ensure fast and accurate Facial recognition and Liveness check process. 

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